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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman

WR Publicity

Blue Pullman colour poster

The WR had a much easier job of publicising the services as the LMR services had started two months earlier to a very favourable reception. Nevertheless, considerable effort was made by the Regional Public Relations & Publicity Department to present the appeal of high-speed luxury travel.

Following the LMR's lead they also produced their own brochure 'Pullman Diesel Express Service', in conjunction with the Pullman Car Co. Ltd. It included a comprehensive description of the eight car sets and notes on the routes and places of interest to be seen, a brief history of the Pullman Car Co Ltd since 1859, a specimen 'a la carte' menu, wine list, details of railway fares and Pullman supplements, and provisional timetables. The 20-page brochure had colour illustrations with pictures of the exterior and interiors of first and second class saloons, and there was a simplified diagram of the routes. It can be found on the next page. They also produced a simpler foldout leaflet which found on the page after.

WR poster Blue Pullman Aces

The poster on the left was printed in six colours by Waterlow & Sons Ltd, and 1,000 copies were distributed throughout British Railways. Another simpler colour poster is shown above right.

Right: a very different advert produced to promote the South Wales Pullman. The text reads "Says Mary, wife and mother: 'My husband has to get around in his job, and since he has changed back to trains he has become a new man. No more evenings snappy as a swordfish, too fagged out to talk. He lets the railways do the driving now while he sits back and relaxes'"

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