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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman


Obviously one of their most striking features, the livery when new was Nanking Blue, relieved by a broad white band extending the length and width of the windowed section along the sides of each car. The rounded nose of each motor-car bore the Pullman Car Co. Ltd. crest, and this was also carried on the white-painted band between the last pair of windows on each vehicle. The roofs were painted light grey, the underframes aluminium, and the bogies black. On the cab end the centre lamp would run with a Nanking Blue cover in the forward direction, and a red lens as a tail lamp.

Blue Pullman test livery

Note that in some early promotional pictures the kitchen cars only had the white band at the passenger windows, by they time they entered service this was extended to the whole vehicle.

Yellow ends appeared on the sets from 1967. Pictured left is a test application of this, but the actual application saw the yellow wrap around to the cab doors. At least one of the LMR sets upon transfer to the WR had the drivers doors painted yellow also, and the yellow extended right to the bottom of the cab. On other vehicles the yellow stopped above the bottom leaving a blue band.

The enforcement of BR's corporate identity also reached the Pullman sets in 1967. The official Pullman colours were then the reverse of inter-city stock, with vehicles painted grey with a blue band along the level of the windows. The cabs had yellow fronts - stopping below the bottom giving a grey stripe along the bottom. The BR insignia and "Pullman" was added in white transfers on the grey below the engine compartment grilles. The first set to have this applied was 60096 / 60646 / 60736 / 60744 / 60747 / 60737 / 60647 / 60097 while they had their last heavy overhaul during July / September 1967. Note that 60744 had taken the place of 60746, which was now running with 60094 / 60644 / 60734 (last heavy overhaul in November 1969).

The final overhaul dates for the remaing sets and their repaint into corporate colours (at the same time the ex-LMR DMBF & MKF vehicles would be downgraded to second class):
July 1968 - 60099 / 60649 / 60739 / 60749
October 1968 - 60098 / 60648 / 60738 / 60748
December 1968 - 60095 / 60645 / 60735 / 60745
November 1969 - 60094 / 60644 / 60734 / 60746
December 1969 - 60092 / 60732 / 60742 / 60743 / 60733 / 60093
March 1970 - 60090 / 60730 / 60740 / 60741 / 60731 / 60091

During the livery changeover there was an 8-car running with one half in corporate grey/blue and the other half in the original livery (as an example an undated photo of this set appears in the Ian Allan Locospotters' Annual 1971).

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