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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman

Type 3 - Parlour Car (WR)

M/TS(L) (Motor / Trailer Second(Lavatory))
42 2nd class seats
45 1/2 tons
Lot no. 30555
Diagram BR673

At either end of the vehicle were lavatories (for use by either gender), both on the drivers side of the nearest motor car. On the opposite side of the toilet of the end coupled to the motor car was a panel of instruments, and at the other end a luggage rack. This vehicle had two traction motors on the bogie nearest the motor car only, which had a 9' 6" wheelbase rather than the 8' 6" of the inner end, hence the half motor / half trailer car status. The motor end also carried an auxiliary engine, with the exhaust silencer running up the secondmans' side of the gangway DMU style at the inner end of the train.

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