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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman

WR Press Run

On Friday June 24th 1960 one of the Blue Pullman sets ran between Marylebone and High Wycombe. Among those that were allocated a seat on the trial run were:

LB Alexander, London Manager, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
Dr. Khalid Al-Shawi, Commercial Attache, Embassy of the Republic of Iraq
JH Allen, Deputy General Manager, Rhodesia Railways
R Arbuthnott, Director, North British Locomotive Co. Ltd
HEU Aung Soe, Ambassador, Burmese Embassy
B Bahramy, Commercial Councellor, Imperial Iranian Embassy
JLR Barnes, Chief Engineer (Carriages Wagons), Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
HHC Barton, Merz & McLellan
Sr. Luis F Bengolea, Counsellor, Argentine Embassy
Sr. Dr Don Ignacio Iribarren Borges, Ambassador, Venezuelan Embassy
George Tilman Brewer, Ambassodor, Liberian Embassy
DC Brown, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Crown Agents
FP Buckley, Agent General, New South Wales Government
Sr. Salvador Alva Cejudo, First Secretary, Mexican Embassy
WM Codrington, Chairman, Nyasaland Railways
WR Cumming, Official Secretary, Australia House
RH Dobson, Managing Director, Antofagasta (Chili) & Bolivia Railways
Sir James Dunnett, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport
Sir Ralph Emerson, Chairman, Nigerian Railway Corporation
Dr Amir Esfandiary, Counsellor, Imperial Iranian Embassy
EO Faulkner, Director, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
Fontan, Sous-chef du Service, Cie Internationale des Wagon-Lits
Haig Galustian, Haig C. Gulustian & Sons
MA Gardiner-Hill, Assistant London Manager, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
M Garreau, SNCF
Sayed Naim Ghandour, Chief Purchasing Agent, Sudanese Embassy
W. Gibson-Smith, Counsellor, Canada House
AH Grainger, Deputy Chairman, London Transport Executive
NJ Dowouna Hammond, Trade Commissioner, Ghana Government
JE Hampson, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Transport
NB Henderson, Livesey & Henderson
AH Hird, Director, Vickers Ltd
EK Hoar, Agent General, Western Australian Government
SB Holliwell, Works General Manager, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
FE Hough, Freeman Fox & Partners
Jack Howe, Industrial Consultant
DE James, Joint Managing Director, J Stone & Co (Deptford) Ltd
J Keswick, Managing Director, Matheson & Co Ltd
Sir Arthur Kirby, Commissioner for East Africa
Brig. CA Langley, Chief Inspecting Officer of Railways, Ministry of Transport
CJE Large, Cheif Engineer (Railcars), Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
Chancai Leetavorn, Econimic Sectretary, Royal Thai Embassy
Col. Sir William Leggatt, Agent General, Victorian Government
Senhor L Leotte Del Rego, Commercial Counsellor, Portuguese Embassy
Sr. Alfredo Louro, Commercial Attache, Argentine Embassy
FA Manley, Manager (Traction Division), General Electric Co Ltd
EK Marshall, Assistant London Agent, Rhodesia Railways
WH Maass, Advisory Engineer, New Zealand Railways
HJ McCann, Ambassador, Republic of Ireland
LJ Menzies, Secretary, Exports Credits Guarantee Department
RN Miller, Group Managing Director, General Electric Co Ltd
WD Morton, Traction Division, General Electric Co Ltd
DJ Muir, Agent General, Queensland Government
Senhor Lauro Muller, First Secretary, Brazilian Embassy
RP Muspratt-Williams, Director, John Birch & Co Ltd
JR Naisby, Commercial Representative, South African Railways
Sir Andrew Noble, British Ambassador in Mexico
GP O'Shea, Architect, Coras Iompair Eireann
GT Owen, Director, North British Locomotive Co Ltd
Mrs Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, High Commissioner for India
Dr E Pando, Minister Counsellor, Cuban Embassy
Dr JA Pena-Gaona, First Counsellor, Argentine Embassy
JSP Phillips, Locomotive Superintendent, Nigerian Railway Corporation
M. Albert Pillepich, Directeur des Services Techniques, Cie Internationale des Wagons-Lit
Sr. J Planchart, Commercial Counsellor, Venezuelan Embassy
N Porteous, Assistant Chief Mechanical Engineer, Ghana Railways
Sir Richard Powell, Permanent Secretary, Board of Trade
RA Powell, Sales Manager, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
Dr The Hon. AJ Van Rhijn, High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa
M. Robert, Ingenieur, SNCF, DEV
HW Roberts, Counsellor, Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland
DJC Robertson, Managing Director, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
Sir Leslie Robinson, Second Secretary, Board of Trade
JE Sandham, Director, Sierra Leone Development Co Ltd
W Scott, Director & Joint Secretary, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
A Shiach, Brian Colquhoun & Partners
LJ Shirley, Works Manager, Midland Works, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
MW Shorter, Managing Director, Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co Ltd
CA Soutar, Managing Director, William Coward & Co Ltd
HW Stevens, General Manager, Nyasaland Railways
NF Stevens, Assistant Chief Mechanical Engineer, East African Railways
Sir John W. Taylor, Director General of Hispanic & Luso Brazilain Councils
VW Thomas, Administrative Secretary, New Zealand House
Gp. Captain PG Thomson, Chairman, J. Stone & Co (Deptford) Ltd
JF Thring, Assistant Chief Engineer (Carriages & Wagons), Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
B Tomorowicz, Counsellor, Polish Embassy
CG Wallace, Director & Joint Secretary, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
SG Watts, London Manager, Benguela Railway
SI White, Deputy Chief Inspecting Engineer, Crown Engineers
Sung Yi-Feng, Commercial Attache, People's Republic of China
Sir James Reid Young, Director, Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co Ltd
Lt-General Mohammed Yousef, High Commissioner for Pakistan
AF Toms, Assistant Secretary, Export Credits Guarantee Department
WAG Wilby, Official Secretary, South Australian Government

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