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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman

Type 5 - Kitchen Car (WR)

TFK(L) (Trailer First Kitchen (Lavatory))
18 1st class seats
36 tons
Lot no. 30557
Diagram BR663

Blue Pullman

The interior of this vehicle was virtually identical to the LMR kitchen, although compared to the LMR formation it was turned 180 degrees with the kitchen on the outer end. This kept the first class accommodation divided from the second. On the LMR sets, where this was immaterial, the auxiliary engine would be under the kitchen, where the noise was kept away from the passengers. The WR Kitchen Cars were not next to the motor cars, and so did not have the traction motor or auxiliary engine, which justified them getting there own type number. In place of the auxiliary engine instrument panel was a luggage rack.

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