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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman

Type 1 - Motor Car (LMR)

DMBF(L) (Driving Motor Brake First (Lavatory))
12 first class seats
67 tons
Lot no. 30553
Diagram BR653

Directly behind the cab was the cooling group, with side radiators and roof mounted fan. A bulkhead across the generator, with doors at each side, divided the engine and generator compartments. Separate cubicles were used for housing the high tension and low tension equipment. Between these a door led into the 11ft 3/4in guard & luggage compartment.

Type 1

The guards seat - which was adjustable for height - was placed at a fixed table over which a letter rack was provided.

Loudaphone apparatus was provided for communication between the guard and driver. A signal push together with a list of standard codes was placed over each double door to enable the guard to send the standard bell codes to the driver; the signal pushes operated on the same circuit as the calling plungers of the loudaphone. Public address equipment was provided so that announcements may be made to passengers.

The train lighting through control switches were placed on the partition of the compartment and there were individual switches over each double door for controlling the van main lights. A switch for emergency lighting in the van was placed above on the partition to the right of the guard's table.

Two electric heaters and a food warmer were fitted on the compartment partition. These were controlled by a main switch and individual switches. A foot warmer was incorporated with a foot rest under the guard's table and the switch for this was provided on the small partition to the left of the guard's table.

A coat hook was provided, and each van contained one fire extinguisher, two fire buckets, one extending ladder, a first aid box and an emergency tool cupboard.

The partitions were sound insulated, and as well as the access door to the power compartment there was a double door giving access to the passenger saloon (marked private on the passenger side).

The saloon accommodated 12 passengers; at the gangway end was a ladies lavatory on one side and a small luggage compartment on the other.

Type 1 Motor Car

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