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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman

Type 4 - Kitchen Car (LMR)

M/TFK(L) (Motor / Trailer First Kitchen (Lavatory))
18 1st class seats
49 tons
Lot no. 30556
Diagram BR662

Starting from the end nearest to the motor car, there was a gents lavatory with an instrument panel/equipment cupboard opposite. The non-smoking passenger section was next, then the aisle went to the left with the pantry and kitchen on the right side. As the corridor went back to the centre for the gangway there was a staff lavatory on the left, and a staff compartment on the right. Being the second vehicle in the LMR set, it had the traction motors, auxiliary engine etc. as per type 3.

Blue Pullman Kitchen

The kitchen and pantry accommodation was arranged for ease of working and hygiene. The gas cooking range was fitted across one end and the refrigerator and freezer, adjacent to the pantry partition. Two of the four extractor fans were located above the cooker. Working tops were arranged on the corridor side, with the sinks, sterilising units and water boilers along the bodyside. All kitchen utensils, sink units and work tops were in stainless steel. The walls were lined with pearl grey plastic finish and the ceilings matt white. The floors were of red composition material set in a 2 in square mesh aluminium grill.

At the kitchen end there was double doors on each side leading ino the kitchen for the use of Pullman staff only.

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