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Met-Camm 6/8-car Blue Pullman

LMR Operations

From the 2nd Jan '61 the timings for the Midland Pullman were revised. It now left Manchester (Central) at 07:45 and arrived in London at 11:00. These new timings allowed businessmen from the north-west to keep pre-lunch appointments in London and also allowed the midday service to be extended from Leicester to include Loughborough and Nottingham.

Manchester Central 07:45   St. Pancras 18:10
Cheadle Heath 07:58   Cheadle Heath 21:05
St. Pancras 11:00   Manchester Central 21:20

The new fill-in turn was:

St. Pancras 11:20   Nottingham 15:45
Leicester London Road 12:45   Loughborough 16:02
Loughborough 12:59   Leicester London Road 16:18
Nottingham 13:20   St. Pancras 17:45

This fill-in turn did not go down well with staff, and coupled with very poor patrionism they were shortlived.

The trains proved to be reliable trains with substitutions being rare, one such occasion being the 21st November 1961 when a Peak with six standard coaches worked the evening down service following an unscheduled Bedford stop by the set on the morning up train. The LMR standby set in September '62 was formed as follows:
   Brake Parlour First - ATHENE – Ex CAR No248,
   Kitchen - THETIS – Ex CAR No.107,
   Parlour – CETEIA – Ex CAR No.73,
   Kitchen – THALIA – Ex CAR No.106,
   Brake Parlour – FORTUNA,
   Parlour – JUANA,
   Parlour – MELANDRA – Ex CAR No.74, Kitchen – HEBE – Ex CAR No.105.

An incident happened on a midday working out of St Pancras on the 1st February 1962 when a ganger's jack was left projecting from the trackbed at the south end of Haverstock Tunnel which caused considerable damage to the inderside of the vehicles. The set managed to reach West Hampstead where an LMS 3F 0-6-0T dragged it to Cricklewood Depot.

Always seen as a temporary measure until the introduction of faster electric services from Euston, the advancement of electrification saw their LMR duties end in March 1967. In advance of this thought had been given to alternative services for the sets, and a set powered by M60090/1 ran a test return journey from Leeds to Kings Cross on the 16th October 1965. There was also proposals for use on Waterloo to Bournemouth trains.

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