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The Committee expressed appreciation of the new pictorial poster produced by Mr.Tonge, who said that a 16 sheet poster (6'8" x 10'0") of the same design would also be placed on hoardings in the towns affected by the new diesel services when the required sites have been negotiated. A line drawing of the diesel unit on the poster will also appear on press advertisements.

Mr.Flake suggested the possibility of mentioning the new Modernisation Plan on the posters, and Mr.Tonge will consider this aspect.

An art folder incorporating a map has now gone to press. This will be used for all diesel schemes, the map being changed to accord with the area concerned.


(a) The following progress of future schemes was noted :-

Western Division

(1)  Birmingham Scheme (Part 2).   Well in hand but will not
be ready for next meeting.
(2) C.L.C. services in
Merseyside and local services
from Lime Street.
  Well in hand.
(3) Old G.C., Wrexham, Chester,
Bidston and Seacombe.
(4) North Wales Scheme. (Part 2) ) Not yet
(5) Furness Section ) commenced
(6) Bletchley-Oxford and
Cambridge Branches.

Central Division

It was agreed that upon completion of the scheme for S.E.Lancs (Manchester area scheme Part 2) this should be followed by a scheme for N.E.Lancs and to be listed as No.2 in the Central Division.

1. Manchester area scheme (Part 2)
  Probably ready for
   next meeting
2. Manchester area scheme (Part 3)
  Not yet commenced.
3. Blackpool, Fleetwood, Preston,
  Not yet commenced.

Midland Division.

1. Derby, Nottingham, Leicester area.       Probably ready for next meeting.

The Chairman requested that one scheme should be finalised for consideration at next meeting.

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