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(d)   Manchester Area Scheme.    (Part 1).    (Contd.)

Stoke               )   C.C.E. is preparing
Macclesfield     )   estimates.

Buxton. - Proposals for new shed on spare land on the down side agreed. Shot estimate of cost is £40,000, but Mr.Butland will have this checked.

Stockport    )   C.M.& E.E. and C.& W.E. have schemes
Longsight     )   in hand and will press forward.

Agreed that, although full details of proposals and firm estimates for servicing and maintenance for the Manchester Area Scheme (Part 1) are still to be submitted, the letting of contracts and starting of works on the basis of the shot estimates should proceed, details estimates to follow later, but not to hold up execution of work.

(e)   Birmingham - Sutton Coldfield - Lichfield Scheme

The Committee inspected Monument Lane carriage shed which is proposed as the central depot for servicing and maintenance for this scheme, and the following points were agreed :-

(i)   Arrangements to be made for road vehicle access to be provided for delivery of fuel in case of emergency.

(ii)   Care to be taken by C.C.M's Department that the land remaining in the occupation of Messrs. Powell's must be available on short notice if it is required for railway purposes.

(iii)   The pits on Nos. 5 and 6 roads require deepening but it will not be necessary for flourescent lighting to be installed for the whole length of the pits. Mr.Adkinson will advise the C.C.E. of requirements.

(iv)   The estimated cost of £18,800 for building alterations at Monument Lane carriage shed to be charged equally against the two Birmingham schemes.

(v)   The accomodation at Monument Lane will probably not be sufficient to cover all the requirements for both Birmingham schemes and Mr.Butland will give consideration to the pits in Vauxhall carriage shed being made to the standard diesel design whilst this shed is being modernised.

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