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293. STANDARD UNITS OF 57 FT. STOCK.    (Contd.)

(b)   Delivery by road of components from Makers to Derby Works    (Contd.)

"14. Delivery of Material

(a)   Locomotives, carriages and wagons and containers shall not be forwarded until an intimation in writing shall have been given to the Contractor by the Engineer that the Executive is ready to take delivery.

(b)    Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Executive Plant and Materials delivered to the Executive or required to be sent by sub-contractors to the Contractor's premises shall be consigned by rail or if authorised by the Executive by other means of transport of the British Transport Commission. Information as to routing will be supplied by the Executive's local Officers."

(c)   Allocation of units being built at Derby.

Noted that the B.T.C. have agreed to an additional 11 motors and 7 trailers (including 3 parcels vehicles) being built at Derby Works. Mr.Stanley to give delivery dates at next meeting when allocation will be considered.

(d)   Allocation of units to be built by Contractors.

Appendix "A" gives the position regarding the placing of orders with contractors and Derby Works for 1,408 vehicles.

Noted thath B.T.C. are considering allocation and delivery schedules, including modifications in respect of the four 3-car sets for the Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield scheme.

(e)   Heaters.

The Chairman said he had discussed with Messrs.Bond and Robson the question of departmental responsibility of the C.&.W.Engineer, but where convenient there is no objection to the maintenance being carried out by either the M.P.Supt. acting as his agent for the time being.

(f)   Lighting equipment.

Noted that this matter is still under consideration.

(g)   Fire precaution.

Still under consideration by Rules and Regulations Sub-Committeee of the Operating Committee.

On the general question of fire appliances in diesel units, Mr.Varley to speak to the Regional Fire Officer, consulting with Mr.Stanley as necessary.

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