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293. STANDARD UNITS OF 57 FT. STOCK.    (Contd.)

(h)   Fuel consumption

Reports on tests in West Cumberland and Manchester areas noted, and Mr.Varley will discuss with Mr.Dade.

(i)   Seating arrangements for 3-car units.

Still under consideration by C.O.S. and C.C.M.

(j)   Spares.

The Chairman said that Mr.Bond had raised this matter and it was desirable that Departments concerned should ensure that the necessary spare parts are ordered well in advance of requirements. The question of the central storage of these parts and of reconditioned units such as engines, fuel pumps, gear boxes etc. should be looked into, together with the provision of expeditious and reliable transport of same to the depots where they are required.

(k)   Clearances.

Provided the vehicles have bogies centres of 40'0" with bogie wheelbases 8'6" and length over headstocks 57'0" (equally ended), with width over body not exceeeding 8'11" and maximum width over handles not exceeding 9'2", i.e. the maximum profile above 3'1" from rail level not exceeding the dimensions shown on Carriage & Wagon Engineer's (Derby) drawings /DE/21041A dated 8.6.53. and /DE/21042 dated June 1953, and that they conform to the gauge and diagram for parts below 3'1" from rail level, sent by the Chief Civil Engineer L.M.R. to the L.M.R. Carriage & Wagon Engineer, Derby, they may be permitted to travel on lines at present maintained by the Civil Engineer of the L.M.R. over which coaching stock normally works, subject to the conditions stated below being observed :-

Not to work over Buckley & Connahs Quay Branch.
The General Appendix and service restrictions to be observed.

If diesel light weight trains are proposed for running on electrified lines each case must be treated on its merits and the Chief Civil Engineer consulted.


Mr.Stanley produced drawing DE/1842 of the latest suggestion for the design of these units, and Messrs.Gould and Read will consider. For discussion at the next meeting.

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