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Considerable discussion arose over this question and so far as the West Cumberland scheme is concerned it was noted that the three proposed diesel parcels units would not cater for the whole of the tail traffic in this area. At present there are five steam parcels trains in the area and to cover this traffic further diesel parcels units would be required, but in addition five further trains convey tail traffic.

In the light of the embargo on the conveyance of tail traffic by diesel units, Messrs.Gould and Read will re-consider the whole question of parcels conveyance in the West Cumberland diesel area and report as to the most economical arrangements, not excluding use of road transport. They will also provide a joint recommendation as to the number of parcels units necessary, this to include Accountant's costings and a picture of the passenger and parcels revenue.

Mr.Butland reminded the Committee that on lines where diesels are permitted to run at higher speeds that steam trains, the speed limits for steam will apply to diesels hauling short wheel based vehicles.


(a)   The Chairman referred to representation of departments on the Sub-Committee and agreed that the representation should be as follows :-

C.O.S.     Divisional Officer or Assistant
M.P.S.   Assistant Motive Power Supt.
C.M.& E.E.   Outdoor Machinery Assistant
C.& W.E.   Assistant C.& W. Outdoor Engineer
C.C.E.   Mr.Butland will consider

(b)   Bury - Bacup Scheme.

Mr.Butland anticipates work will commence during the second week in May and as it is hoped to start the new service on October 1st, it was agreed the target date for completion of maintenance and servicing agreements should be August 1st,

(c)   North Wales Scheme.

Mr.Adkinson said he requires some accomodation at Llandudno Junction for his repair staff and he and Mr.Stanley will visit and consider.

Target date for completion to be agreed at next meeting.

(d)   Manchester Area Scheme.   (Part 1).

Reddish. C.M.& E.E's scheme for this depot agreed subject to any revised estimates by Mr.Butland. Mr.Forsyth will contact Mr.Cook in regard to installation of small oil fuelling plant.

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