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292. INTER-CITY TRAINS.    (Contd.)

(b)   Clearances.    (Contd.)

To be prohibited over the lines in Minute 263.

To be prohibited Dalston Station Poplar Branch.

The General Appendix & Service restrictions to be observed.

(c)   Liverpool - Leeds - Bradford scheme.

Mr Gould stated he is in communication with MrRoundell regarding buffet car requirements and a diagram is in production.

With regard to running times, a reduction of 13 minutes would be necessary for 5 units to suffice, and Messrs.Gould and Read will look into the possibilty of a further reduction in the running times, having regard also to the commercial desirability of obtaining maximum acceleration.

(d)   Birmingham - Liverpool - Manchester scheme.

Noted that timings have now been received and a meeting between representatives of the C.O.S. and C.C.M is being held on April 21st to consider commercial requirements.


(a) Visit of Officers to Metro-Cammell Works.

The Chairman said a memorandum of the visit would be circulated to members of the Committee and any points for consideration would be dealt with at the next meeting,

(b) Delivery by road of components from Makers to Derby Works.

This question relates principally to aluminium light alloy parts from I.C.I. South Wales to Derby Works and it was noted that arrangements have now been made for these to be conveyed by rail.

Mr. Stanley said that engines from West Cumberland to Derby Works for repairs are conveyed by Works lorries.

The Chairman referred to paragraph 14 of the General Conditions of Contract dated October 1952 (quoted below) and said that as a general principle all material and components for diesels should be conveyed by rail, and Messrs.Read and Stanley will keep contact on this point.-

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