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287.  FUTURE SCHEMES.  (Contd.)

Western Division.

  (1) Birmingham scheme (Part 2). Details still being worked out.

  (2) C.L.C. services in Merseyside and local services from Lime Street. Still under consideration but not yet reached detail stage. The Chairman mentioned that a further letter had been received from the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce.

(3)  Old G.C. Wrexham, Chester, Bidston and Seacombe  )
(4) North Wales Scheme. (Part 2) ) Not yet
(5) Furness Section ) commenced.
(6) Bletchley - Oxford and Cambridge Branches. )

Central Division.

  (1)  Manchester Area Scheme (Part 2). Working section set up and progress being made.

  (2)  Blackpool, Fleetwood, Preston, Southport. Not yet commenced.

Midland Division.

  (1)  Derby, Nottingham and Leicester area. Substantial progress made.

The Chairman asked if it was possible for staff to be transferred from the Midland Division to assist with the numerous schemes on the Western Division and MrGould said this was being borne in mind.


Copies of minutes of meeting of 14.2.55. between representatives of the B.T.C. and Messrs.Harrison, Randle and Trask, handed to members for their personal information only.


Mr.Stanley said the other Regions have now had an opportunity of seeing the coupler and it was agreed it could be returned to Holland. It is understood that the Western Region are designing one for inter-city trains, and Mr.Stanley will arrange to inspect this.

The Chairman stated that the B.T.C. were looking into the question of customs duty on the Dutch coupler.


10.30am. Tuesday, April 19th, 1955.

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