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Memorandum on Officers' visit to Metropolitan-Cammel Works,
Saltley, Birmingham
Thursday, 17th March, 1955

PRESENT - Messrs. E.S. Hunt, J.F. Harrison,
           S.T.Clayton, H. Randle and R. Varley



The following points were discussed with Messrs. Edwards (Managing Director), Wilson and the Chief Draughtsman. -

(1) It was stated that the underfame attachments had now been positioned to give the necessary clearances on the Manchester - Bury electrified lines. These modifications had resulted in a much improved layout of the equipment under the cars which would give easier accessibility for maintenance.

(2) No sanding gear will be providing as it is not considered necessary on these trains.

(3) The method of securing the engine suspension brackets to the underframe was discussed and Mr. Harrison suggested it would be more satisfactory to use bolts insteads of setbolts wherever these are proposed and that provision should be made for ensuring that the bolts should not be called upon to take side thrust. The firm's representatives said they would have this matter looked at.

(4) Seating arrangements. It was noted that 12 first class seats per two car-set were provided. The backs of first class seats are higher than is necessary and it was agreed that for future vehicles for the L.M. Region they should be lowered by a few inches in height to give better visibility.

(5) Car front. A mock-up was seen in the Works, but generally the railway officers thought the front of the Derby cars with its larger windows was more attractive than the sloping front, and provided much better vision for the passengers. Messrs. Clayton and Harrison expressed the view that the wider corners, i.e. between front window and the side drop windows. of the mock-up would interfere unduly with the driver's vision.

    The Contractors said they would look into the question generally with a view to altering the window position in conjunction with the driving seat so as to give the drivers a similar vision to that which they have in the 1000 H.P. CO-CO locomotives they are building for the C.I.E.

(6) The drawings showing the Rolls-Royce proposals were seen but it was not considered to be a practicable proposition to fit the trial engine units to any of the present batch of cars.

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