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269.  INTERCITY TRAINS.  (Contd.)

(ii) Liverpool - Leeds - Bradford Scheme.

Mr.Gould said that speed distance curves have now been issued by the C.M.& E.E. and he is ready to commence the formulation of this scheme. Considerable investigation will be necessary in the partial re-casting of the Central Division timetable.

It was stated that the Western, N.E. and Scottish Regions were developing designs for inter-city trains which incorporate gangway ends, thereby restricting the view for both drivers and passengers. It was agreed that the L.M. design of train should not have gangway ends.

Mr. Gould said he has discussed with Mr.Roundell the refreshment requirements, and the latter now wishes to discuss with Mr.Portman-Dixon. The Chairman said it was for the Region to decide on which trains refreshment facilities are required and if any difficulty arises, the facts should be reported to the General Manager.

(iii) Birmingham - Liverpool - Manchester.

Mr.Larkin promised that speed distance curves would be prepared as a matter of urgency.


(1) Units being built by Metropolitan-Cammell.

The Chairman said he had had a meeting with Messrs. Alexander and Wilson of Metro-Cammell and he and other Officers were to visit the Saltley Works of the Company on March 17th.

(2) Heaters.

Noted that a little difficulty is still being experienced in West Cumberland but a new type of heater is being tried and the matter is having special attention.

It was stated that the B.T.C., through the Technical Development & Research Committee, are looking into the question of heaters for all types of diesel traction.

The question was raised as to the departmental responsibility for heating arrangements on lightweight units and the Chairman said he would look at this.

(3) Lighting Equipment.

Mr.Stanley said C.A.V. are conducting experiments in West Cumberland.

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