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270. STANDARD UNITS.  57' STOCK.  (Contd.)

(4) Fire Protection.

Noted that the Rules and Regulations Sub-Committee of the Operating Committee are considering this question.

(5) Fuel Consumption.

Report on tests in West Cumberland and Manchester areas now received and to be considered at next meeting.

(6) Allocation of last 24 2-car units being built at Derby.

B.T.C. Works & Equipment Committee Minute 369 of 23rd February 1955 quoted below authorises the allocation of units for North Wales and Birmingham from the 24 2-car sets being constructed at Derby.-


16.  Multiple Unit Diesel Trains.

(a)  Allocation of 209 motored cars and 153 trailer cars from 858 motored cars and 550 trailer cars authorised by B.T.C. on 16th December, 1954.

It was agreed that the vehicles required for the Blaenau Festiniog - Llandudno Junction and Gaerwen - Amlwch services (6 motors and 6 trailers) and the Birmingham - Lichfield City services (17 motors and 13 trailers) should be allocated from the 24 2-car sets now being constructed at Derby.

(b)  Provision of maintenance facilities and fuelling installations as under :-

Scheme. Estimated cost.
Manchester (London Road) Area. 186,000 *
Blaenau Ffestiniog - Llandudno Jcn. )
Caerwen - Amlwch                    )
Birmingham (New Street) - Lichfield City 4,500  

* full details of proposals ad firm estimates to be submitted later."

It was stated that delivery of these 24 2-car sets would commence in September 1955 and be completed early in January 1956.

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