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I note that the Traffic Officers of the London Midland and North Eastern Regions are preparing a report on diesel workings between Liverpool, Leeds and Bradford, and that you also have in mind a similar service between Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

So far as this Region is concerned, the only specific services on which we could employ considerable numbers of the inter-city sets are those between King's Cross and Cambridge. There are other isolated services on which inter-city sets might be employed, but I think we should know a little more about the performance and running costs before we can say whether they would be justified in place of standard twin sets operated in multiple formation. Again, it is possible that the G.N. suburban electrification might be carried as far as Cambridge and, in that event, much would depend upon the date if the electrification as compared with the date on which the inter-city diesel sets became available.

Although it may prove that the field for the utilisation on this Region of diesel sets of the inter-city type may be rather limited both in time and extent, I am very willing to be associated with research and development work, to be carried out by the C.M. & E.Es. and C.& W.Es. of the London Midland and Eastern and North Eastern Regions, in consulation with the Motive Power Superintendents of the three Regions. I agree that some representation will have to be made to the B.T.C. to this effect and I would be quite prepared to join in a report, which would presumably go forward from the General Managers of the three Regions.


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