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270.  STANDARD UNITS.  57' STOCK.  (Contd.)

(6)  Allocation of last 24 2-car units being built at Derby.  (Contd.)

Mr Randle has pointed out that this means there will be 1 motor and 5 trailers left over after the North Wales and Birmingham orders have been delivered and has asked whether a further order can be placed on the works for another 11 motors and 7 trailers, making a total of 12 motors and 12 trailers.

It was agreed that representations be made to the B.T.C. for this further order to be placed on Derby Works and in the meantime -

(a) Mr. Gould to consider on which part of the Manchester area scheme or elsewhere the units could be utilised.

(b) Possibility of three motor vehicles being constructed for use as parcels vans to be considered by C.& W.E., C.O.S., C.C.M. and Accountant to give justification for use of such diesel parcels vans in the West Cumberland area.

(7)  During inspection of 2-car unit built for Lincolnshire, the following points were considered :-

(a) Seating arrangements.  It was agreed that for 2-car sets for the North Wales, Birmingham and Manchester schemes, and future schemes as far as can be seen, 12 first class seats would be required. The seating arrangements for the 3-car sets to be considered by the C.O.S. and C.C.M.

(b) Arm rests on first class seats.  It was agreed that the centre arm rest be hinged.

(c) Backs of first class seats.  It was agreed that for future vehicles for L.M.R. the backs of the first class seats should be lowered to give increased visibility to passengers.

(d) Handrail on first class seats.  Mr Stanley to give consideration to removal or replacement of handrail.

(e) Sanding Gear.  Agreed that sanding gear not necessary on diesel light weight units.

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