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Mr.Tonge said that a proof of the new pictorial poster would be ready very shortly and it is proposed that this poster will be distributed in each area scheduled for diesel working prior to the introduction of the service. An art folder is in the course of preparation and will be similarly distributed.

Reference was made to criticism from Liverpool of the lack of diesel services in that area, and it was agreed that it was too early to make any announcement.

Regarding publicity in West Cumberland and generally, Mr.Read said it was desirable to issue to the public small pocket cards of the train services seperately for each section, and he will pursue the matter with Mr.Tonge.


(a) First Unit.   Noted - the first unit will be returned to the Belmont branch from Wolverton Works within the next fortnight.

(b) Second Unit.   The Chairman said that the following schedule of delivery had now been received from British United Traction Ltd.-

One 28-seater power car )
 " 34-seater power car )  By the end of May
 " trailer )
One 28-seater power car )  In June
  " trailer )

It was understood from B.U.T.Ltd. that promise of the delivery of the two spare power cars by the introduction of the summer timetable on June 13th could not be given and it was agreed that the new diesel service should not be published in the summer timetable but a re-issue made when the complete diesel service can be introduced. Publicity to be undertaken at the appropriate time.


Noted that the order for the unit for this branch was placed by the B.T.C. with British United Traction on February 1955.

Mr.Elliott stated that rail lubricators have now been installed on this Branch.

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