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498   INTER CITY TRAINS   (Cont'd)

2.  Exhibition at Interntional Sales Conference   (Cont'd)

Mr.Harrison has suggested to Davey Pxman that diesel locomotive 10800 might be loaned for the period of the Conference, not for hauling the special train possibly run by standard diesel rail cars.

Matter is in hand with Messrs.Clayton and Tongs.

3.  Destination Indicators

Deferred for further consideration by C.C.M. and P.R.& P.O.

4.  Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford Scheme

Mr.Gould stated that on re-examination of this scheme the conclusion has been reached that the proposed diesel unit scheme will be more expensive to operate than a locomotive hauled service and it was agreed that the General Manager be requested to give a decision on the question of policy as to whether the diesel scheme should be proceeded with from a prestige point of view.

Mr.Nicholls to prepare revised costings and a joint report from the Officers concerned to be submitted to the General Manager.

5.  Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester Scheme

It was agreed that further investigation into this scheme be deferred pending the costing of the Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford service referred to above and the development of electrification in the area.


Minutes of meetings of Sub-Committee held on the 11th January and 12th February, 1957 noted.


1.  Manchester Part 1 Scheme (Certain services not yet in operation)

Eastern Operating Area - Noted that M.Bird has agreed to the loan of eleven 2-car sets from E.R. resources to operate Manchester (Eastern Operating Area) diesel scheme for the summer of 1957 until such time as L.M.R. units are delivered, and the service will commence on the 17th June, 1957.

The question of dieselising the Oldham - Guide Bridge - Stalybridge service has been further considered and having in mind the substantial financial loss being incurred by the existing service it has been decided that this service shall not be included in the scheme.  Therefore, only 10 2-car sets will be required for the Eastern Operating Area.


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