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5.  Conveyance of parcels traffic

Three diesel parcels vans on order for the West Cumberland Area from Messrs.Cravens.  Noted that the firm do not now anticipate delivery until October, 1957.  The Chairman raised the point as to whether diesel parcels vans had been considered for future schemes in relation to the 1,000 vehicles requested, as it may be possible for Cravens to continue the construction of parcels vans after delivery of the first order in October, 1957.  Mr.Gould will consider for discussion at the next meeting.

6.  Design of standard units of 57' stock

(a) Streamlining

Mr.Randle's reply to the General Manager received too late for consideration by Committee and matter deferred to next meeting.

(b) Advertising in diesel units

Mr.Salmon reported that intimation has been received from the Chief Commercial Advertising Officer that as an experiment some open frames for displaying commercial advertisements 20" x 10" are now being fitted to diesel compartment stock for the Western Region Birmingham suburban service being built at Derby but Mr.Dodson Wells does not feel justified in recommending at this time the equipment with advertising panels of vehicles operating other diesel services.

(c) Metal Racks

Noted that Carriage & Wagon Engineer now states that contractors have already made arrangements for metal racks to be fitted and it is not possible to revert to string.  Additional costs compare with those for metal racks fitted in Derby built cars.  N.E.Region cars are being fitted with metal racks following unsatisfactory experience with string.

(d) Rolls Royce 8-cylinder engines

The Chairman referred to Mr.Bird's request for the 2-car unit fitted with 238 H.P. engines which is at present working trials in West Cumberland to be sent to the Eastern Region for use in the Lincoln District, as this unit is one of 50 2-car sets now under construction for that Region.  Mr.Finlayson will investigate circumstances and arrange for report to be sent to the General Manager specially.

(e) Smoking Compartments

Mr.Dow said that complaints have been received from members of the public travelling on the Buxton - Manchester lin of the lack of non-smoking first class accomodation.  With regard to the 3-car units to be delivered to this service, it was agreed that the first class compartment in the centre car should


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