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2.  Programme of Light Weight Diesel Operation over the next five years (Cont'd)

Reference was made to the notes of the meeting held on the 12th February regarding the Modernisation Plan which stated that the C.O.S. and C.C.M. should make known their projects up to 1961 to enable location of depots to be planned.  The Chairman explained that this was primarily in respect of diesel locomotives but in any case it has been decided that a working party be set up to report on passenger traffic policy and this would cover the point raised in the notes.

3.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by contractors

(a)   Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix 'B'.

(b)   Re-allocation of nine 2-car sets from L.M.R. to Scottish Region. Noted it has been agreed that

(1)   The 20 Gloucester Co's. 2-car sets to be delivered as scheduled to the Manchester Scheme.

(2)   The 15 Park Royal Co's. 2-car sets to be delivered to the new dates into the Manchester scheme.

(3)   The nine Gloucester sets will be transferred to the Scottish Region as the last nine Park Royal sets are delivered

(c)   Revision of requirements of units for L.M.R. schemes - Mr Gould stated it is not yet possible to give a revision of the requirements of units for the schemes in operation and those for which units are on order. The Manchester Part 1 Scheme is still to be finalised and parts of this scheme overlap the Birmingham Part 2 Scheme, and it was noted that the revision of requirements cannot yet be finalised.

4.  Delivery of units from Derby Works and contractors

Noted that B.T.C. have requested a monthly statement of vehicles delivered from Works and Contractors and their actual allocation to the various schemes.  C.O.S. has been requested to supply information to the General Manager but it was noted that owing to difficulties regarding the coupling together of the various types of units, information required can only be supplied in respect of the first allocation of the units.


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