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6.  Design of standard units of 57' stock   (Cont'd)

(e) Smoking Compartments   (Cont'd)

be reserved for non-smokers.  So far as 2-car sets are concerned, Mr.Stanley said it was not possible to screen off any portion of the first class compartments for non-smokers but he will look into the possibility of something being done in this direction in future construction, and report further in due course.

7.  Dieselisation Costings

Reference was made to the General Manager's letter of the 8th February and Mr.Nicholls said the investigation is proceeding.


1.  General Policy

(a) Design.  Information still awaited from B.T.C.

(b) Proposals for employment of four rail buses on L.M.R. Schemes still in course of preparation.

2.  Buckingham - Banbury Line

(a)   Traffic receipts for December, 1956 - January, 1957 shown on Appendix 'A' attached.


1.  Design of units

Mr.Finlayson reported that the experimental vehicle had now run 19,000 miles without serious trouble and it was proposed to make a test run on the Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford route after consulting with the North Eastern Region.

2.  Exhibition at International Sales Conference

Messrs.Davey Paxman have asked if it is possible to have the two trial cars available at Lincoln, week commencing 13th May at the International Sales Conference to haul two passenger coaches on a special trip.  This has been agreed but Mr.Harrison now considers these vehicle would not be suitable for the following reasons :-

(a)  The appearance of the vehicles might give the wrong impression to the public as they are only in mock-up form.

(b)  It would not be possible for members of the public to be accomodated in the cars themselves and trailing vehicles would have to be fitted, which is not the role of this type of rail car.


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