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4.  Birmingham Part 1.

Mr.Gould referred to the difficulties being experienced in conveying increased passenger traffic on the Birmingham - Lichfeild section and said that four additional 2-car units are required for this scheme. It was agreed that the following four 2-car units be sent to the area :-

One to be transferred from North Wales Scheme
One to be completed by Derby Works March 28th.
Two to be completed by Derby Works in May.

Certain services on Saturdays to Coventry will revert to steam working to release units for the Sutton Coldfield line.

In the meantime Messrs.Read and Tonge will arrange for press notices etc. to be issued informing the public that more trains will be provided as soon as the units can be delivered, and regretting any inconvenience.

5.  North Wales Part 1.

Satisfactory outcome of first week's operation of Blaenau Festiniog line by diesels noted. Agreed that one 2-car set be transferred to Birmingham Part 1 scheme (Minute G.4).

Operation of Amlwch branch by diesel units to be deferred pending settlement of difficulties in Birmingham area.

6.  British industries Fair. April 23rd - May 4th, 1956.

The Chairman said a request has been received from Metro-Cammell Company for the diesel service between New Street and Castle Bromwich to be operated by units built by them. Metro-Cammell are at present constructing units for the Eastern Region, who have agreed that three of these units be used for operating the service.


April 30th and May 1st in Liverpool.

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