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5.    Rail Cars for Rural Areas.

(a)   Allocation of suitable line for experiment.

The Chairman said it was desireable that this matter should be looked at from the point of view of :-

(a)   The use of a branch line closed to passenger traffic on which there is still signalling for freight services' or

(b)   Opening of a branch line without freight services and signalling.

Reference was made to the General Manager's letter of 13th March to Messrs.Arkle and Cox, and Mr.Gould said he had had a preliminary look at the question of the Buckingham-Banbury line.

No lines conforming to (a) or (b) above having been found, it was agreed an investigation be made on this section. Service not to be extended to Bletchley, but extension to Verney Junction to be considered.

Messrs.Gould and Read will contact the Western Region as necessary regarding Banbury. Mr.Gould anticipates that two single cars will be required which could be based on Bletchley, and the question of halts will be dealt with in the submission, which will also include any costs for halts, maintenance, fuelling etc.

(b)   Design of single car.   Noted that single car can be constructed in Derby Works at an estimated cost of £15,500, this being £300 above the cost of a standard diesel motor car, the additional cost being in respect of an additional driver's compartment and extra seats. Agreed that Derby works proceed with the construction of a single car to drawing DE.56610A, and to be one of the allocation of cars now being built there.

6. Conveyance of Parcels Traffic

(a)   Maximum trailing load.   Noted that Messrs.Clayton and Harrison have this matter under consideration.

(b)    Design.   Now agreed by C.O.S. and revised drawing sent to B.T.C.

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