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7.    Design of Standard Units of 57 ft. stock

(a)   Maximum carrying capacity. Noted that the last 34 cars of the 15 2-car sets for Manchester Part 1 and five 2-car sets for Manchester Part 2 will be fitted with continuous cantrails and will not need to be fitted with maximum loading indication. Units already in service will be modified as they return to the works and so obviate need for such indication.

(b)   Numbering of seats on land cruises. Matter now agreed between C.O.S., C.C.M. and C.& W.E. and these facilities will be available during the coming season.

(c)   Position of underframe attachment. Noted that no alteration can be made on any light weight cars either in service or to be built, but any improvements which can be effected will be carried out on steel cars.

(d)   Destination indicators. Mr Tonge stated that the indicators on the Bury - Bacup cars are too small and Mr.Stanley said that contractors have now been requested to fit Derby type of indicators on all future cars.

(e)   Coupling of units. Noted that Derby built units can be coupled to Metro-Cammell units supplied for Bury - Bacup scheme. Future position regarding use of new type of coupling is in hand with Mr.Bond but no units have yet been fitted with new coupler.


1.   Design of units.   Noted that Davey Paxman have promised delivery of the engines by end of March and that road tests will commence by the end of April. Results of tests will be known by May.

2.   Design of buffet car   Noted that B.T.C have been advised that it is considered there is need for two types of buffet car for L.M. and Western Regions.

3.   Western Region Birmingham - Swansea.   Mr.Nicholls' observations noted, and agreed that L.M.R. method of presentation of scheme submissions be continued.

4.   Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford.   Report progressing.

5.   Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester.    Report progressing.

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