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3.  Future schemes in course of preparation but not yet considered by Committee.

Midland Division

Derby, Nottingham, Leicester
    (Part 2)
      Progressing satisfactorily.

Mr.Read referred to the remit from the General manager to the C.C.M and C.O.S immediately to review all allegedly unremunerative local passenger services with the view to their discontinuance and, where possible, the transfer of the traffic to bus services. This review will be applied to all services other than those embraced within diesel schemes which have been approved in principle by the Committee and have reached costing stage.

4.  Allocation of units being built at Derby and by contractors

(a)  Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix "A".

(b)  Metro-Cammell units - Mr.Stanley reported that there would be delay in the delivery of units being built by Metro-Cammell, revised delivery dates being as follows :-

4 2-car sets for
    Manchester Part 1.       
October 1956.
18 3-car sets for
    Birmingham Part 2.
December 1957-
  February 1958.

(c)  Derby built units.   Mr.Stanley said it is not possible to increase the number of light weight units to be built at Derby Works owing to the difficulty in obtaining engines, British United Traction now having gone over to the production of engines for steel vehicles which are of different mounting.

Six light weight units for the Eastern Region are awaiting delivery of throttle valves and this delay will hold up production of units for the L.M.R.  One unit for L.M.R. is expected to be ready for delivery on March 26th.

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