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Noted - Minutes of meeting of sub-committee held on 28th February..

The Chairman referred to the alterations in the Manchester Part 1 scheme consequent upon the decision to continue the steam service pending electrification on the Styal Line and Manchester - Crewe via Stockport line and asked for the question of the maintenance facilities for the Manchester Part 1 scheme to be again investigated and also for future electrification to be borne in mind in all such maintenance investigations.

Mr.Butland said they are proceeding to develop the maintenance facilities at Stockport and it was agreed that this be deferred for the sub-committee specially to consider having regard to the foregoing review of accomodation requirements in Manchester Part 1 scheme.

Mr.Fiske called attention to the fact that authority has been given by the B.T.C. for a new maintenance depot for the E.R. Cambridge scheme (£150,000) and also one for the N.E.Region Darlington scheme (£325,000), and that the General Manager is most anxious to have the submissions for the new L.M.R. depots.

Mr.Larkin said that the maintenance costs for the West Cumberland scheme are working out much higher than the original estimate of 5d. per mile and Mr.Adkinson stated that this was accounted for by shortage of units resulting in Sunday working by maintenance staff, but the position was being closely watched.


1.    Manchester Part 1.

(a)   L.M.Area.   Noted that a complete revision of this scheme is bein undertaken in the light of electrification etc., which means a delay of at least 2 months.

(b)   Eastern Operating Area.   Eastern Region have been pressed for report and hope to send soon.

The Chairman said it was understood that 26 2-car units will not now be required in the Eastern Operating Area and asked for this to be specially watched to ensure that these units, whether Derby of Contractor built, should not go over to the Eastern region but be available for L.M.R. schemes.

2.    Harrow - Belmont.

Delivery of unit expected in November 1956. Nothing further to report.

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