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1.   Birmingham Part 1.   Service to commence Monday March 5th, 1956. Arrangements are in hand for a pre-inaugural run on Tuesday, February 28th.

2.   North Wales Part 1.   Service to commence on Monday March 5th, 1956. Noted that the B.T.C. have approved an additional 2-car set for this scheme.

3.   Manchester Part 1.   Messrs.Gould and Read reported that the E.R. Officers concerned were still awaiting estimates from their technical officers and that they would need to be passed to the E.R. Accountant for costing. Mr.Varley to ascertain from E.R. how many units they will require.

With regard to the Styal Line, Mr.Gould has arranged for a new scheme to be drawn up on the basis of replacing steam by diesel without increasing the services in the off-peak periods as was originally intended, in order to leave the line free as far as possible for electrification.

It was, however, decided that the steam service should remain on both the Styal Line and the Manchester - Crewe via Stockport Line pending electrification, and the revised scheme for Manchester (Part 1) will only relate to the Manchester-Macclesfield-Stoke line and the Manchester - Buxton line, apart from the Eastern Region Operating Area.

The Chairman asked Mr.Gould to look into the question of the number of units which would be released by not proceeding with the proposed diesel schemes for the Styal line and the Manchester-Crewe via Stockport line.

4.   Harrow - Belmont.   Mr Stanley said he had now received information from B.U.T. Ltd. that delivery of this unit was not now expected until November 1956.


1.   Derby, Nottingham, Leicester Part 1.   Agreed scheme to formulated on the use of 200 H.P. engines. Mr.Larkin will supply necessary information to Mr.Nicholls to enable him to compile financial statements on the basis of 200 H.P. engines. In the meantime B.T.C. to be advised of proposal to use increased H.P.

Mr.Read reported that the question of a halt between Leicester and Coalville was under consideration.

2.   Birmingham Part 2.   Noted that further report in course of preparation and expected to be ready for next meeting.

3.   Manchester Part 2.   Noted that estimates for use of either Newton Heath or part of Horwich Works as maintenance depot still in course of preparation.

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