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7.    Design of Standard units of 57 ft. stock   (Contd.)

(g)   Numbering of seats on land cruises. Deferred for Messrs.Gould and Read to consider having regard to different types of unit in operation.

(h)    Seating arrangements. Noted that construction of undermentioned units is too far advanced to increase first class seats from 9 to 12 without affecting the structure of the cars :-

Birmingham Part 1.     9 2-car sets
North Wales               7 2-car sets
Manchester Part 1.    10 2-car sets

(i)    Position of underframe attachment. Reference was made to note of the visit to Metro-Cammell Works on 17.3.55. as follows :-

"It was stated that the underframe attachements had now been positioned to give the necessary clearances on the Manchester - Bury electrified lines. These modifications had resulted in a much improved layout of the equipment under the cars which would give easier accessibility for maintenance."

Mr.Stanley will ascertain whether this is being carried out on Derby built vehicles.


1.   Design of units   Mr.Larkin stated that Davey Paxman have carried out tests of the engines, and B.T.H. have supplied the generators. Road tests are expected to take place about the middle of March and will take two weeks.

2.   Design of buffet car   Mr.Gould explained the position and the Chairman requested that C.O.S. and C.C.M. consult the Western Region as to their design before reply is sent to General Manager.

3.   Western Region. Birmingham - Swansea   The Chairman called attention to the form in which this scheme has been submitted to the B.T.C., particularly in regard to the financial statement and the maintenance arrangements. It was noted that maintenance will be carried out at Tyseley and Mr.Gould said it would not be possible to use this depot for our Birmingham schemes.

It was agreed that Mr.Nicholls would contact the Western Region as to how the financial statedments were arrived at and if the form in which they are presented has been agreed by the B.T.C.; also to ascertain whether maintenance and fuelling installation costs, when submitted, are coupled to the particular diesel scheme or whether these are charged to modernisation, and how the net financial results of the Birmingham - Swansea scheme are affected.

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