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5.  Rail Cars for Rural Areas.  (Contd.)

It is preferable for the experiment to be made on a line already closed, if possible without signalling. Services to be continuous each way, stations not to be staffed, guards to issue tickets, and units to stop at crossings and halts.

Messrs.Gould and Read will consider as a matter of urgency. (See also Minute 427(3) re Hooton - West Kirby).

6.  Conveyance of Parcels Traffic

Noted - that B.T.C. authority has now been given for the supply of three diesel parcels vans for West Cumberland area; including improved interior lay-out, apart from a few minor points which Messrs.Varley, Gould and Stanley will consider.

Discussion arose as to whether the 300 H.P. of the parcels vans would be sufficient to haul the required tail traffic and it was agreed that tests be made with a 300 H.P. diesel motor car hauling the heaviest type of tail vehicle suitably loaded, if this test does not prove satisfactory, tests to be continued with other lighter types of tail vehicles until a decision can be made.

7.  Design of Standard Units of 57 ft. stock

(a) Rolls Royce engines (6 cylinders). Noted - that delay from March / May to June / August 1956 in delivery of 4 2-car sets with Rolls Royce engines is due to late delivery of steel.

(b) Heights of backs of first and third class seats. Unit with two different heights of seats inspected at Blackpool and agreed that the lower seat back is the more suitable for both first and third class.

(c) Maximum carrying capacity. Mr.Stanley said that arrangements are being made for units to be strengthened over the doorways and when this is done there will be no necessity for the ivorine notices. Mr.Gould said that Mr.Randle and Mr.Cox have agreed that the notices be removed immediately.

(d) Outside colours of units. Agreed that publicity is not desireable at the present time.

(e) Sloping fronts of units. Mr.Stanley said that the 63'6" steel frame units will have sloping fronts. As this is a question of structural alteration, it cannot be carried out on 57 ft. vehicles at present being built.

(f) Power to weight rations. Reference made to Mr.Bond's letter of December 22nd, and Mr.Larkin will arrange for the matter to be dealt with specially.

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