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3.     Future schemes in course of preparation but not yet considered by Committee.

Western Division

C.L.C. services in Merseyside
  and local services from
  Lime Street.


  Services planned and maintenance requirements under consideration. Interim report to be ready for next meeting (if necessary without financial statement).
Furness Section.     Interim report will possibly be ready for April meeting.
Old G.C. Wrexham, Chester,
  Bidston and Seacombe.
Some progress made.
North Wales (Part 2)     Some progress made.
Bletchley - Oxford and Cambridge.     Not yet commenced.

Central Division.

Manchester Area (Part 3)     Planning is well advanced
Preston - Blackpool,
     Fleetwood & Southport
    Not yet commenced. Consideration to be given to through train from Blackpool to Southport

Midland Division

Derby, Nottingham,
   Leicester (Part 2)

In connection with future schemes the Chairman said it was not desirable that a lot of time be spent on detailed investigation in areas which, as a whole, may go over to other Regions under the adjustment of regional boundaries.

4.     Allocation of units being built at Derby and by contractors

Revised schedule of allocation attached as Appendix "A".

The Chairman said the General Manager had asked whether Derby could build more units than already scheduled in view of the delay in delivery of units being built by contractors owing to shortage of steel.

Mr.Stanley said the delay was not only due to shortage of steel but to supplies of components such as seat frames, engine gears etc., but he will report on the possiblility of the Derby programme of 57 ft. vehicles being increased.

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