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423. INTER-CITY TRAINS.   (Contd.)

4.   Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford Scheme.   Noted that report is progressing on question of maintenance arrangements and financial results, and Messrs.Larkin and Stanley will supply to Mr.Nicholls estimated cost of vehicles. Mr.Read will provide an estimate of increased revenue.

5.   Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester.   Noted that possible extension of this scheme to Coventry is having special attention and that the number of trains required is dependent on this enquiry. Agreed that the scheme be proceeded with despite possible future electrification.


(a)   Minutes of meetings of sub-committee of 20.12.55 and 26.1.56. noted.

(b)   The Chairman stated that concern was being felt at the slow progress being made in the provision of maintenance depots for schemes which are due to be put into operation in the very near future, and particularly referred to Monument Lane and Llandudno Junction. He pointed out that the General Manager had previously asked the Officers concerned to give this matter special attention to ensure that all was ready for the introduction of diesel services.

The Chairman said he had discussed the question with Messrs.Taylor Thompson and Clayton on the 3rd February, and Mr.Taylor Thompson had conceived the idea of raising the rails above ground level to obviate the digging of pits, and Mr.Taylor Thompson thought if this idea was acceptable to all concerned he would be able to cover requirements at Monument Lane, Llandudno Junction and Longsight in time for the introduction of the new services.

Messrs.Gould and Stanley will consider this question of ramps so far as the requirements of their respective departments are concerned and report as a matter of urgency. (Subsequently Mr.Stanley reported that the Carriage & Wagon Engineer is prepared to accept the suggestion).

(c)   It was agreed that for future schemes, target dates should be fixed for completion of maintenance, fuelling and cleaning arrangements before dates for the introduction of the new services are decided.

(d)   It was agreed that in all areas where diesel schemes are contemplated, and in which electrification is to be introduced, Mr.Emerson be brought into the discussions of the sub-committee.

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