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(1)  Opening of doors. - Agreed no action necessary at present.

(2)  Heaters. - Messrs.Smiths closely investigating but not yet reached finality.

(3)  Width of footboards. - Agreed no further action necessary.

(4)  Lighting equipment. - Noted that comparison between Stones and C.A.V. equipment is being investigated.

(5)  Fire protection. - Still under investigation by Motive Power Committee.

(6)  Seating arrangements. - Mr.Gould will supply information regarding proportion of first to third class seats required on North Wales and Manchester schemes.

(7)  Operation of four 2-car (MC + DT) units. - Noted trials confirm that an eight car train will function satisfactorily.

(8)  Fuel Consumption. - Noted that final report will be ready in about one week.

(9)  Sloping front of Unit. Metro-Cammell. - The Chairman referred to drawing of unit to be built by Metro-Cammell with sloping front and smaller front windows than the standard and said he had been in touch with the B.T.C. and it appeared too late to take any action regarding the present orders.  The Chairman said he would contact the Eastern Region with a view to a joint report being sent to the B.T.C. with the object of ensuring that future units shall conform to the standard.


Door arrangements.

The following are "shot" estimates of the cost of suburban stock on the lines of (A) New S.R. electric stock and (B) Stock with air operated doors.-

  Type. Description. Leyland. A.E.C.
(A)     £ £
Drg.DE/ Z1 Motor Brake Third 15,800 15,300
21170. Y2 Motor Compo 16,400 15,900
  W1 Trailer Third 9,800 9,800
Drg.DE/ A.* Motor Third Brake 16,100 15,600
1784 B.* Driving Trailer 3rd. 10,200 10,200
  C.* 3rd Trailer 10,000 10,000
    * Air operated sliding doors.

Deferred for consideration at next meeting. In the meantime Mr.Stanley to supply information regarding anticipated weights.


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