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258.  FUTURE SCHEMES.  (Contd.)

Central Division.

(1)  Manchester area scheme (Part 2). - Well in hand.

(2)  Blackpool, Fleetwood, Preston, Southport. - Not yet commenced.

Midland Division.

(1)  Derby, Nottingham and Leicester area. - Now joint scheme with Eastern Region and substantial progress has been made.

The Chairman asked for a forecast of the number of units likely to be required for future schemes to be furnished in order that the B.T.C. may be kept advised of future requirements.


Noted that the undermentioned costs of vehicles for the West Riding service had been furnished to the B.T.C. by the Carriage & Wagon Engineer.-

  Lot No. Description. Price.
  30084 Motor 3rd Brake 18,273
  30085 Motor Compo 18,259

Mr. Dade stated that these prices included a proportion of the initial cost of provision of tools, jigs, etc.


Mr.Tonge gave particulars of the publicity which had been given to the introduction of the three sections of the West Cumberland Scheme.

On the general question of publicity, a double royal poster is in course of preparation for use in any area in which diesel trains will operate.  This will depict in colour an artist's impression of a diesel train in motion together with appropriate letterpress matter.  Similarly, a general folder with photographs is being produced for use in any area and Messrs.Larkin and Stanley undertook to assist with photographs.

Mr. Tonge said a request had been received from the Editor of the Manchester Evening Chronicle for a reporter and photographer to travel with a diesel train and it was agreed that they be given facilities in the Derby area. Mr.Stanley agreed to assist.


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