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(a)  Delivery of Unit.

Noted that order for unit for this branch has not yet been placed, but B.T.C. are in correspondence with B.U.T. regarding price.

(b)  Rail Lubricators.

See Minute 247 (a).


(a)  Extension of scheme from Whitehaven to Lancaster via Barrow.

The Chairman stated that a request had been received from the B.T.C. for this extension to be considered and it was agreed it be put on the list for future examination.  To be included on the priority list (Minute 222) as No.5 and referred to as the "Furness Scheme".

(b)  Carlisle - Maryport - Whitehaven Section.

Mr.Gould reported that this service, which commenced on the 7th February, had a good first day's working.  No train was more than two minutes late.

Trouble had been experienced with a gland leaking on one of the gearboxes but this was quickly rectified. The average loading was 33 Carlisle - Whitehaven and 27 Whitehaven - Carlisle.  Parcels traffic light.

(c)  Reports of failures etc.

The Chairman said it was desirable that a joint report from the Officers concerned should be furnished immediately after the end of May on the diesel working in the area, including particulars where interruptions to the service occur.  In the meantime any failures of equipment or other difficulties of a special character to be reported currently.

(d)  Delivery of Units.

Mr.Stanley reported that delivery of units to the West Cumberland area had been completed as planned.

(e)  Traffic Receipts.

Noted traffic receipts to 22nd January as follows:-


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