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Mr.Read stressed the desirability of proceeding with the planning of the details of these services and it was agreed this was very necessary.  The Chairman said that no information as to dates of delivery of the units was yet available.

The report dated February 1955 on fuelling, maintenance etc, arrangements was considered, and it was agreed desirable that if possible the number of depots proposed should be reduced.   Mr.Adkinson stated that there is a possibility of the maintenance of steam engines being transferred from Gorton shed to Belle Vue shed and suggested that if this is done the former may be considerd for diesel maintenance.  The possibility of the use of the the electric shed at Reddish for diesel maintenance should also be considerd. It was agreed that a sub-committee comprising Messrs.Varley, Gould, Larkin, Stanley and Adkinson should look into the proposed maintenance arrangements for the area and report.


Mr.Stanley reported that no progress had yet been made with the units from Metro-Cammell owing to the conductor rails fouling equipment on the diesel trains when passing between the station and the shed.  The difficulty has been reported to the B.T.C. by Metro-Cammell, and Mr.Harrison is looking specially into the matter from the electrical side.  It was agreed it is very desireable that all diesel cars should be interchangeable in their workings.

As an alternative to the Bury shed, the use of the old engine shed at Bacup had been considered, but this would entail considerable expenditure and is not advocated.

The Chairman suggested that consideration be given to the possibility of gaining entry into Bury shed from the opposite end to that used by the electric trains.


Nothing further to report.


The Chairman referred to a letter which had been received from the B.T.C. asking for a comprehensive scheme to be prepared as one joint proposal covering the Western Region and London Midland Region services in the Birmingham district.  He had discussed the matter with the General Manager who had suggested that the views of the Western Region first be obtained with a view to the Traffic Officers of the two Regions jointly investigating the possibilities and reporting to the General Managers.


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