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Vehicle 56116

Class 105

BR Diagram 526

Builder: Cravens
Type: Low Density
Length: 57ft
Coupling Code: Blue Square
Coupling Type: Screw
Gangway Type: LMS
Lot Number: 30281
Diagram: 526


02/11/56 New to 53C (Hull Springhead)
30/11/58 Transferred to 53B (Hull Botanic Gardens) - (53C closed)
Jan-60Depot code change50C (Hull Botanic Gardens)
4w/e 09/10/65 On loan to 31A (Cambridge)
w/e 16/10/65 Transferred to 31A (Cambridge)
3w/e 27/11/65 Transferred to 50C (Hull Botanic Gardens)
16/06/68 Transferred to 31A (Cambridge)
27/12/69 Transferred to 34G (Finsbury Park)
4w/e 30/05/70 Transferred to 32A (Norwich)
May-73Depot code changeNO (Norwich)
Sep-73Depot code changeNR (Norwich)
w/e 26/10/80 Transferred to LO (Longsight)
22/11/82 Withdrawn from LO (Longsight)

Some sample formations the vehicle has been noted in:

50361 56116 As delivered to 53C - 2nd November 1956
50361 56116 Transfer to 31A - 4w/e 09/10/65 - On loan from NER
50361 56116 Transfer to 50C - 3w/e 27/11/65
50361 56116 Transfer to 34G - Nov-69
51278 56116 Noted 20/05/73
62 51283 56116 Listed at NR - 19/07/75
58 51282 56116 Noted 19/06/76
51124 56116 Transfer to LO - w/e 26/10/80



Date: April 1982

Three weeks road learning at Toton, most of it on single unit DB975042 until it disappeared mysteriously on the last week. Here Guide Bridge Driver Norman 'Nobby' Robinson is seen here at the helm of the replacement 2 car unit, 56116 and 51124. Taken somewhere in the Hope Valley. Note the traditional brew can lid on the window sill! Arnie Furniss.


Date: April 1982

Reflections on Ernie Nield. Ernie started his railway career at Macclesfield in the dim and distant past when there was a depot there. You can tell by his face that he was of a cheery disposition. Taken through the window of the driver's compartment of DMU 56116 in April 1982, somewhere near Chinley, on our way back home to Guide Bridge from route learning at Toton. This used to be the first class compartment on this unit, it's full of first class railwaymen here! Arnie Furniss.


Date: April 1982

Guide Bridge Driver Bob Malpas at the controls of 56116 that we used for a few days on the route learning trips to Toton. He went on to greater things, he trained me on class 158s when I became a driver, which included using one of the first 'simulators', a complete waste of time and money. Driving one on the West coast main line North of Preston taught me all I needed to know about 158s and gave me an appreciation of those units! Arnie Furniss.


Date: April 1982

Manchester Victoria and Guide Bridge Driver Eddy Bright. When I took this on the route learning DMU to Toton, through the cab window of 56116 in April 1982, he was a Guide Bridge driver. It was great fun to work with this man, you can tell by his face that it was usually smiling. Arnie Furniss.


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