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DMU Railtours

DMUs were surprisingly popular on railtours, particularly those that focused on the line travelled and not the motive power, as DMUs allowed access to many routes that a conventional loco-hauled tour couldn't easily manage.

This is not a definitive list of DMU railtours, simply a gallery of some of those tours. For a more detailed railtour site see the Six Bells Junction website.

Details of the regular "Quaintonian" trains that ran to the Buckingham Railway Centre have their own pages.

If you have any photographs that could be added here please get in touch.


15th September 1962 - South Wales Rail Tour, Swansea Area No.1

A Stephenson Locomotive Society (Midland Area) tour that started at Aberavon Town. It took a Class 120 to Swansea Eastern Depot, Colbren Junction, Ynysygeinon Junction, Brynamman East and Upper Bank amongst other places.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

South Wales Rail Tour, Swansea Area No.1image 7070

At Colbren Junction. Steve Davies Collection.

29th September 1962 - Derbyshire Branch Lines

A RCTS tour that originated at Nottingham Victoria that toured branches in the area using a 2-car and 3-car Cravens set.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Derbyshire Branch Linesimage 5428

The tour in Wirksworth station. Stuart Mackay Collection.

6th September 1964 - West Riding Rail Tour

A tour organised by the West Riding branch of the R.C.T.S. that began at Bradford Exchange. Originally planned to be steam hauled, a three-car 110 and two-car 101 was used instead.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

West Riding Rail Tourimage 7434

E51499, thought to be taken at the stop at Meltham goods yard. Stuart Mackay Collection.

West Riding Rail Tourimage 7552

At Bradford City Goods station, 51848 closest. Stuart Mackay Collection.

26th September 1964 - Newport Area Tour

A SLS tour from Newport around local branches using a 3-car Class 120.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Newport Area Tourimage 3992

At Blaenavon High Level. Steve Davies Collection.

September 1965 - The Bellingham Belle

A Gosforth Round Table organised tour running from Newcastle Central to West Woodburn on the old NB in England line from Morpeth to Reedsmouth Jcn. This ran fairly regularly each September to the Bellingham Agricultural Show, previously it had run through to Bellingham on the Border Counties line to Riccarton Jcn but by 1965 only the stretch from Morpeth to West Woodburn survived.

The Bellingham Belleimage 764

A 4-car Met-Camm (probably 101) set with buffet car plus another Met-Camm at West Woodburn. Roy Lambeth.

The Bellingham Belleimage 3277

Thought to be at West Woodburn Roy Lambeth.

2nd March 1968 - Unnamed

A tour around the Birmingham area using Met-Camm vehicles, organized by the Birmingham University Transport Society.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Unnamedimage 4272

At the Redditch stop. Robert Chilton.

18th May 1968 - South Midlands Rail Tour

Organised by the RCTS West Midlands Branch using a three-car 101.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

South Midlands Rail Tourimage 11375

Seen at Higham Ferrers goods yard. Robert Chilton.

26th May 1968 - Ffestiniog Railway Railtour

A Ffestiniog Railway Railtour tour that took a Class 124 Trans-Pennine set from Leeds to Ffestiniog.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Ffestiniog Railway Railtourimage 765

In Blanaeu Ffestiniog station. Bob Lumb.

1st September 1968 - (unnamed)

A Branch Line Society tour that took a 3-car Class 101 (in early blue livery with small yellow panels) to Mallaig.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

(unnamed)image 4688

A stop at Ardlui on the outbound direction, probably waiting to pass a southbound service. Stuart Rankin.

5th October 1968 - Doncaster Decoy

A 2-car Class 114 spent four and a half hours covering 64 miles taking in most of the freight lines in close proximity to Doncaster.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Doncaster Decoyimage 4383

At Bullcroft Junction (on the old HB&GC Joint). John Law.

Doncaster Decoyimage 11376

Seen at Doncaster York Road. Robert Chilton.

5th October 1968 - South Wales Railtour No.3

A Class 120 unit was used on this Warwickshire Railway Society tour that ran from Newport High Street around various South Wales branches.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

South Wales Railtour No.3image 3666

The tour during a stop at Blawa. Stuart Mackay Collection.

12th October 1968 - Unknown name

A Railway Society of Scotland tour - name unknown - that is believed to have run from Stirling to Menstrie, Dollar, Newburgh and Forfar. It was operated by a 2-car Class 100 with number 28, both in rail blue, The DMBS with full yellow end and the DTC with just a small yellow panel. There seems to have been no headboard carried.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Unknown nameimage 2581

The tour seen at Forfar. Stuart Rankin.

Unknown nameimage 2582

During the stop at Dollar. Stuart Rankin.

Unknown nameimage 2658

The Dollar station stop. Graham Johnston.

Unknown nameimage 2659

The Dollar station stop. www-railphotoprints-co-uk.

Unknown nameimage 3695

At Newburgh - between Perth & Ladybank. Stuart Rankin.

23rd August 1969 - Bulmer and Welsh Border Rail Tour

A RCTS tour from London Paddington using 4-car set 400 (17 with 101 centre car).
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Bulmer and Welsh Border Rail Tourimage 11288

At Bulmers, 51376 closest. Stuart Mackay Collection.

18th October 1969 - (Unnamed)

A Railway Society of Scotland tour from Edinburgh Waverley around Central Scotland using a Class 101.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

(Unnamed)image 5534

At Calder station (Coatbridge) on the ex-LMS Airdrie Branch. Stuart Rankin.

(Unnamed)image 5535

The stations on the destination blinds are being checked out - including Errol, Glasgow Buchanan Street and Ballater - during this railtour stop at Glenboig level crossing. Stuart Rankin.

(Unnamed)image 5536

Stopped at the closed Denny station so its participants can explore. Stuart Rankin.

(Unnamed)image 5537

Stopped at Thorsk in Stirlingshire. Stuart Rankin.

(Unnamed)image 5538

In Alloa station. Stuart Rankin.

(Unnamed)image 5795

SC51467 at Denny Station. Anon.

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