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DMU Railtours

DMUs were surprisingly popular on railtours, particularly those that focused on the line travelled and not the motive power, as DMUs allowed access to many routes that a conventional loco-hauled tour couldn't easily manage.

This is not a definitive list of DMU railtours, simply a gallery of some of those tours. For a more detailed railtour site see the Six Bells Junction website.

Details of the regular "Quaintonian" trains that ran to the Buckingham Railway Centre have their own pages.

If you have any photographs that could be added here please get in touch.


3rd June 1992 - Lein Amlwch 125 Years On

Organised by 'Isle of Anglesey Railways Ltd.' it used 101 657 to travel on multiple trips between Bangor and Amlwch.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Lein Amlwch 125 Years Onimage 5261

Seen at Rhosgoch with 54085 leading. The short spur leading off to the right which can just be seen through the bushes served a oil storage depot built in the 70's but its use was short lived. Andrew J Crowther.

Lein Amlwch 125 Years Onimage 5262

Seen heading away from the camera at Rhosgoch. Andrew J Crowther.

Lein Amlwch 125 Years Onimage 5263

Heading up towards Rhosgoch, 54085 closest. Andrew J Crowther.

Lein Amlwch 125 Years Onimage 5264

At Rhosgoch, 53211 leading. Andrew J Crowther.

22nd August 1992 - Freight Lines (West Area)

A Black Cat Railtours special taking three-car 101692 in Regional Railways livery on a tour of freight lines from Glasgow Central.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

Freight Lines (West Area)image 10599

During the Largs stop. Kenneth Leiper.

26th September 1992 - DMU Demise

A Cardiff Valley farewell tour organized by the Monmouthshire Railway Society that originated at Newport. It used two 2-car Class 116s - 51134 + 51147 / 51153 + 51140.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

DMU Demiseimage 3602

51134 on the rear of the tour as it heads through the Garw Valley. Mac Winfield.

DMU Demiseimage 3603

Heading for Neath Mac Winfield.

DMU Demiseimage 3608

51140 leads the tour at Pontycymer in the Garw Valley. Mac Winfield.

28th November 1992 - Tay-Forth Wanderer

A Branch Line Society tour which visited places such as Leith South, Kincardine and Westfield using 101693.

Tay-Forth Wandererimage 10600

At Edinburgh Waverley. Kenneth Leiper.

2nd May 1993 - The Severn Slaps

This was a series of mini-tours organised by Pathfinder Tours in conjunction with the Worcester Rail Day using two DMU sets (T404 + T412) as the hauled stock.
The tour on Six Bells Junction website.

The Severn Slapsimage 10399

53116 at Worcester behind 20138 and 20066. Lewis Bevan.

11th December 1993 - The Clitheronian

A Ribble Valley Railway organized Santa Special tour using 101s.

The Clitheronianimage 850

101676 (51803 + 51205) + 101683 (53269 + 51177) at Preston. Kevin Dowd.

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