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(e)   Manchester Part (1) Scheme (Contd.)

The Chairman asked for a meeting of the Sub-Committee to be held at an early date and for target dates for completion of servicing and maintenance arrangements at each depot to be fixed at this meeting.


Mr.Tonge produced proof of art folder which will be used as each scheme comes into operation and also a sketch of a diesel car which will be used for press advertising, and asked if he could be given early notice of target dates for introduction of future schemes in order that he could arrange the necessary hiring of poster sites.

In such publicity the introduction of the diesel services will be linked with the Modernisation Plan.


(a)   Progress of future schemes was noted as follows and revised order of priority was agreed as shown :-

Western Division

(1)  Birmingham Scheme (Part 2)   Well in hand and possibly ready for next meeting.
(2) C.L.C. services in Merseyside
  and local services from Lime
  - Well in hand but not yet ready for submission.
(3) Furness Section )    
(4) Old G.C., Wrexham, Chester,
  Bidston and Seacombe


Not yet commenced
(5) North Wales Scheme (Part 2) )    
(6) Bletchley - Oxford and
  Cambridge Branches.

Central Division

(1)  Manchester Area Scheme
  (Part 2) S.E. Lancs.
  See Minute 320
(2) Manchester Area Scheme
  (Part 3) N.E. Lancs.
  - Not yet commenced but will start in the near future.
(3) Blackpool, Fleetwood,
   Preston, Southport.
  - Not yet commenced.

Midland Division

(1)  Derby, Nottingham and 
  Leicester Area.
  Preliminary report to be submitted for next meeting.

(b)   Forecast of number of units likely to be required.

No further estimates yet available.

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