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314. STANDARD UNITS OF 57' STOCK     (Contd.)

(a)   Allocation of Units being built at Derby and by Contractors.     (Contd.)

Messrs.Adkinson and Lawrence stressed the urgent necessity for more vehicles to be allocated to the West Cumberland scheme, particularly as some of the vehicles at present in service will soon require to be withdrawn for heavy maintenance. It was suggested that part of the 7 2-car sets being built by Metro-Cammell for the Bury-Bacup scheme be temporarily transferred to West Cumberland for the Summer season and Mr.Stanley will contact the firm to ascertain if an earlier delivery than September 1955 is possible.

Mr.Lawrence considered it is necessary for one more 2-car set to be allocated to the North Wales scheme making a total of 7 2-car sets for that scheme.

With regard to Birmingham Part (1) scheme; Mr.Lawrence said it was desired to bring this into operation from the commencement of the New Year. Four 3-car sets for this scheme are not due for delivery until March 1956 and he suggested that eight of the 2-car sets to be built at Derby for the Manchester Part (1) scheme, delivery November-December 1955, be temporarily allocated to the Birmingham Part (1) scheme, and this was agreed.

The Chairman said it was necessary for the C.O.S., C.C.M. and M.P.S. to submit joint reports giving their proposals for the allocation of the 74 vehicles not yet allocated, and also for any increased requirements for schemes already improved. Reports to be submitted as a matter of urgency and to be considered at next meeting.

(b)   Lighting Equipment - Generators

Noted - this matter is still under consideration and it is hoped to report definitely at the next meeting.

(c)   Fire Precautions

Noted that instructions have now been received from the B.T.C. and circulated to all concerned.

No further action necessary so far as Diesel Light Weight Trains Committee is concerned.

(d)   Fuel Consumption

It was considered that for practical purposes the figures of fuel consumption on the test runs compare closely with those used for the estimates, but Mr.Adkinson will supply, for the next meeting, figures of actual consumption in the West Cumberland scheme.

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