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313. INTER-CITY TRAINS     (Contd.)

(b)   Design of buffet car

Mr.Lawrence produced a diagram of buffet car requirements which had been prepared following discussion with Mr.Roundell and it was agreed that this be sent to the C.& W. Engineer for approval.

(c)   Liverpool - Leeds - Bradford scheme

Noted that, by a slight reduction of station time, it is considered possible to achieve a timing of 2 hours 10 minutes and that C.C.M. is prepared to accept this timing, if 2 hours is not possible. Agreed that Mr.Forsyth should re-examine the schedules, in conjunction with C.C.E., to see if 2 hours timing is possible.

Mr.Leach said that a suggestion had been received from the C.C.M. of the N.E.Region for investigation to be made into the possibility of dieselising the existing through services between Liverpool Lime Street and Hull and that a meeting was being arranged to discuss the matter.

(d)   Birmingham - Liverpool - Manchester scheme.

Mr.Leach stated that the report on this scheme was not yet finalised but it is hoped to have a preliminary report ready for consideration at the next meeting.

Noted that a timing of 1 hour 40 minutes was anticipated for this service and it was agreed that Mr.Forsyth should re-examine the schedules, in conjunction with the C.C.E., to see if a shorter journey time is possible although MrLawrence stated that there was a possibility that higher speeds may upset the line capacity.


(a)   Allocation of Units being built at Derby and by Contractors.

Schedule of allocations dated 16th june 1955 (attached as appendix "A") discussed and noted that 74 vehicles had been allocated to L.M.Region for which schemes are required.

Noted that nine 6-car sets are included in the allocation of 74 vehicles and Mr.Varley will ascertain if these are capable of being run as 3-car sets and report at the next meeting. In the meantime to advise C.O.S. and C.C.M. and obtain drawings, if possible.

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