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(a)   Inspection Pits. (Contd.)

Engineering Committee but in the meantime the new pits at Bury, Monument Lane and Llandudno Junction will be 4'3" wide which would cover future electric stock as well as diesels.

(Subsequently information received that the Electrical Engineering Committee had agreed to the pits being 4'4" wide subject to confirmation by the M.& E. Committee at their meeting on July 12th).

(b)   Bury - Bacup Line

Minutes of meeting of Sub-Committee noted and Mr.Forsyth said that a further £1,387 was necessary for the drainage of the old and new pits, together with other work, and the Chairman said this should be considerd by the Sub-Committee at their next meeting.

(c)   Birmingham Part (1) Scheme.

Minutes of meeting of Sub-Committee noted. Mr.Forsyth said that the fuelling equipment and tanks have been ordered for Monument Lane Carriage Shed. Drawings are now in preparation and estimates will be prepared by the C.C.E. and passed to the M.P.S.

(d)   North Wales Scheme

Minutes of meeting of Sub-Committee noted. C.C.E. is now preparing drawings and estimates.

(e)   Manchester Part (1) Scheme

  Reddish Drawing prepared and being sent to E.Region.
  Stoke - Drawing prepared and sent to M.P.S. Alterations in respect of normal carriage and wagon work will be included in the scheme but estimates to be divided between diesel scheme and normal carriage and wagon work.
  Buxton - Drawing in preparation.
  Macclesfield - Drawing prepared and sent to M.P.S.
  Stockport - Not yet commenced. Very little to be done.
  Longsight - Tenders for fuelling equipment have been issued.
  Crewe - Not yet commenced.
  Ardwick - Waiting proposals from E.Region.

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