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AC Cars Railbus

All in Scotland

All five didn't get a chance to work together though. In June '66 Sc 79979 - lying at Eastfield depot - was listed as surplus to requirements. On the 4th October 1966, the ScR advised the BRB that 79979 had developed fractures in the body underframe members where these connected to the truck frame, and they hadn't intended to carry out repairs. A follow up letter on the 19th Oct. requested permission that items of equipment on common use on railcars could be removed for Regional spares and the vehicle disposed as a carcass. It is listed as withdrawn from it's Leith allocation on 8/11/66, and it was agreed that stripping could proceed, with the suggestion that if there many reusable items it was proposed that the breaking be done in house, which the ScR proceeded with.

The WR vehicles are listed as transferred north at the end of January '67, with 79975/6 transferred from Bath Rd to Polmadie and 79977/8 from Laira to Polmadie/Hamilton, and then on the 5th February 1967 79975/6 onwards to Ayr, 79977/8 to Grangemouth. They retained their W prefixes till the end. This was their final transfers, as the Beeching Plan was taking effect and increasing numbers of branches were closing their days were numbered.

The ScR had hoped to start railbus operations on the Larbert - Alloa and Falkirk Grahamston branches from 7th Nov. '66 but the withdrawal at the time of six other ScR railbuses meant this had to postponed until the arrival of the four WR cars. Two were allocated to these services, the other two sent to assist the G.&S.W. Services around Ayr and Kilmarnock, with W79975 noted working Ayr - Kilmarnock services with bubble W55000 around March/April 1967.

On the 27th November 1967 the ScR sought permission from the BRB Chief Operating Office to condemn 79975 due to the extent of repairs needed after a mechanical defect, which the reply on the 30th agreed. It was listed as withdrawn from Ayr on 8/12/57. Later that month (on 27/12/67) the ScR again wrote to the BRB, to the Chief Officer: "The withdrawal of the local passenger services between Larbet and Alloa will result in a saving of one diesel rail bus which it is proposed should be condemned."

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