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AC Cars Railbus

Scottish Arrival

Sc79979 was the first railbus to enter Scotland on the 8th August 1958, and a special stop was made at Gretna border sign for a series of photographs. The first picture shows the officials making the journey: left to right -: C Ross Campbell (Motive Power Superintendent ScR); CW Stewart (Assistant General Manager ScR); James Ness (General Manager ScR); and MG Maycock (Chief Civil Engineer ScR). The second picture shows the railbus crew: Inspector D. Robertson (Perth), driver D. Brown and guard W. Scott (Polmadie). Note the retractable steps are down in the first two pictures, and the third picture (without any people) shows these in the up position.

Railbus at border AC Cars railbus arriving in Scotland First railbus in Scotland

A formal inspection was held at Gleneagles on the 19th August 1958. Attended by Sir Ian Bolton (Chairman of the Scottish Area Board), James Ness (ScR General Manager), who welcomed Sir George McGlashan (Convener of Perth & Kinross County Council), Sir James Denby Roberts, Principal T.M. Knox (St Andrews University), the Provosts of Auchterarder and Crieff, and representatives of commerce, industry and press of the district. Afterwards there was a short demonstration run to Blackford. At the time it was mentioned that it would operate the Glaneagles, Crieff and Comrie branch for a period of twelve months to enable an evaluation regarding the vehicle's popularity with local travellers.

Railbus at Gleneagles Railbus inspection Railbus on display

Above left: first Scottish railbus at Gleneagles station. Above centre: Sir Ian Bolton speaks with Driver D. Stewart. Above right: from left to right - Mr James Ness, Provost J. Paterson (Auchterarder), Sir George McGlashan, Sir Ian Bolton, Provost D. McLean (Crieff), Principal T.M. Knox, and Sir James Denby Roberts.

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