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AC Cars Railbus

ScR Moves

The Lugton to Beith branch was covered at the start of 1961 by Park Royals vehicles, thought to be because 79979 was sent to works early in '61. It's listed as being transferred from Hurlford - Perth in 4/61, and back to Hurlford in June '61. The Lugton - Beith branch - proving unremunerative - was withdrawn from the 5th Nov. 1962 but 79979 had been transferred from Hurlford - Ayr on 5/1/62, where it settled for it's longest spell in one place before moving to Leith on 8/11/65. An example working from Ayr was the 8.18am Dalmellington - Kilmarnock, on which it was noted on 23/5/64.

ac-cars-railbus 79979 Kilmarnock ac-cars-railbus-79979

These four views show Sc79979 while on Kilmarnock - Dalmellington workings, now with a yellow panel added to enhance visibility. In the first it is awaiting departure from the bay platform at Kilmarnock; and the second is at an unknown station en-route.

ac-cars-railbus-79979 Damellington acv-railcar at Dalmellington

The final two images are at it's destination - Dalmellington. All four photographs by Hamish Stevenson.

WR Moves

Despite the promising start, the Cirencester / Kemble lines also proved unremunerative and were withdrawn on April 6th, 1964, the four vehicles listed as placed in store at Swindon in March 1964. But all four WR vehicles then gravitated to former Southern Railway branches now forming part of the WR.

79977/8 were based at St. Blazey with employment on a shuttle service to Bodmin North from June 14th '64, connecting with trains from Wadebridge to Bodmin Road at newly opened exchange platforms at Boscarne Junction, and also certain trips to Wadebridge.

Railbus at Boscarne

Right: With the steps retractable steps down, and the door ajar, W79977 waits at Boscarne Junction.

The other two (79975/6) commenced work on the Yeovil Junction - Yeovil Town branch on December 28th 1964. They are listed as being transferred to Laira in October '64.

79977/8 were listed as moving to Laira in 4/66, and 79975/6 moving from Laira to Bristol Bath Rd in July 1966.

The Yeovil service had survived several attempts at withdrawal, but Yeovil Town station was closed on October 3rd 1966, and the railbuses ran to Pen Mill station, although they were still used to carry parcels between Town and Pen Mill stations until replaced by larger cars. The Bodmin service was withdrawn on January 30th 1967. This allowed all four vehicles to be transferred to the ScR in February of '67.

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