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487.  RAIL BUSES    (Contd.)

2.  Buckingham - Banbury Line    (Contd.)

(b) Future policy.  The Chairman said that Lord Rusholme and the General Managers had inspected this service on the 4th January, following which Mr.Blee had made the following observations :-

1.   It can never be a paying proposition.

2.   The area it serves is so sparse of population and industry that we can never develop business to justify a diesel service of itself.

3.   The area is already served by a reasonably adequate bus service.

4.   In many instances the villages are some distance from the stations, i.e. a mile or half a mile.

5.   Almost inescapably we must give the service a run for twelve months, but unless there are dramatic changes in the circumstances described we must take steps to discontinue it after that period.

6.   There are minor variations in the services, i.e. Saturday evening services, which were left to the chief and district officers to arrange.

Having regard to the above, it was agreed that the proposed installation of two further halts should not proceed.


1.  Design of units

Noted that tests are still continuing and up to the present are satisfactory.  Reduction has been made in the number of running tests in order to achieve a saving in fuel consumption.

2.  Destination indicators.

At the last meeting it was agreed that side destination boards be provided and that destination indicator boxes at the front of units should indicate only the final destination station.

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